John Green, 'Mr Sasquatch'

June 2016 | --- When I met John Green in 2008, eight years before his death, he told me he didn't believe in sasquatches. But he spent much of his life in pursuit of the question of whether or not they were real. 


We Miss You, Ed Deak

Aug 2015 | -- The death of a longtime reader and verbose commentor left a surprisingly hole in the comment section of our regional news website. When we looked into his offline life, we found more than we could have imagined.  


Meet The Chainsaw Environmentalist

July 2015 | --  In Sumatra, Indonesia, I meet the mild-mannered wildlife biologist who's taking on the biggest forest destroying industry in the land.  


A Man and His MondoSpider

Sept 2015 | The Globe & Mail -- Rob Cunningham made a small fortune in the video game industry and used it to amass a most unusual collection of robotic creatures.