Can Hospital Food Be Fixed?

This series started with a couple of simple questions -- what exactly is in the food served to hospital patients? And where does it come from? -- that yielded interesting results. While a veil of secrecy cloaks the corporate contracts that determine what goes into some hospital meals, those that run food services in-house are transparent about ingredients and efforts to make menus more locally-sourced and sustainable. 

This series was produced by the Tyee Solutions Society, published on The Tyee, and funded in part by the Hospital Employee's Union. Find the entire series here, or click below to read individual articles. 


Part One:

I visit St. Joseph's hospital in Guelph, Ontario, where a 'from scratch' cooking approach is turning heads.  


Part Two:

Shouldn't patients have a right to know exactly what's in their meals? We thought so, but multi-national food service corporation Sodexo made it impossible to find out. 


Part Three:

With contracts that favour supplier monopolies, finding ways to get local food on patient plates can be awkward. But there's hope.