Food Justice on the Streets

In 2011 and 2012 I delved into the charitable food sector in Vancouver. What I found was that it struggled with the same ethical questions as the wider local food movement. Why should 'free' food be so processed and crappy? How could communities take more ownership over food production? And how could the largest food charities make space for new forms? 

The Problem With Food Banks


Hungry people must be fed. But critics say framing food as charity takes the root issues off government's plate.

Inside The Food Bank Machine


How Vancouver's vast distribution centre works to feed folks and keep food out of landfills.

No More Free Meals

Why one church's soup kitchen opted to nurture quality of experience over quantity fed

BC's Heartland Food Deserts

In some rural parts of the province, bare supermarket shelves are a fact of life.

Occupy Eatery


How a de facto cafeteria is drawing people in to the city's Occupy movement.

How a Decent Meal Can Keep People from the Brink

Research on people with mental illnesses in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside links better nutrition to fewer 911 calls.