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Why parents are turning to diet to treat ADHD symptoms


StatNews / May 2017 -- Amid a lot of confusing and contradictory information on the internet, and a big nutrition knowledge gap in the medical system, parents at their wits’ end are mapping out their own treatment plans through trial and error over the dinner table. Read the full article here.

Citizen-led solutions help the hungry in Nunavut


May 2017 / Arctic Deeply -- More than one-third of households in Canada’s eastern Arctic don’t have access to enough nutritious food. Social media campaigns against the territory’s sky-high food prices have prompted a variety of responses to help. Read the full article here.

Brazil's School Food Revolution

Irati, Brasil

April 2016 | The Development Set -- A look at how Brazil's unique 'buy local' law is boosting the amount of fresh produce in schools and supporting small-scale farmers. Read the full article here

In Guatemala, Shift in Healthcare Strands Communities


Feb 2016 | Al Jazeera America -- A report from the highlands of Guatemala, where thousands of community health workers have been left stranded as the country's broken bureaucracy attempts to reform the system.  Read the full article here.

Trouble in New Orleans' All Charter System

cannabis story.jpeg

Aug 2015 | In These Times -- Charter schools were promised as a fix for New Orleans' underfunded public education system. Ten years later, this investigation showed only small improvements in test scores, at the cost of a school culture and community many parents and teachers mourn.  Read the full article here. 

A Mississippi Pastor's Healthy Mission

May 2015 | The Guardian -- A profile of a Baptist church that is bringing health advice to the pulpit -- with promising results. Read the full article here.